Martin Bright

Goodbye Kitty

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So now Kitty Ussher has gone too. This really is becoming a significant clearout as hopes for the next generation of Labour politicians fall away. I always rather liked Kitty, who seemed decent enough and even spoke out against Tony Blair's failure to speak out about the Lebanon war. But it's difficult to see how she could stay in the government. An old colleague has just tweeted me that I shouldn't be too soppy about her as she was "a Blairite SPAD who was parachuted into safe seat of which she knew nothing", which is a little unfair, but not completely off the money. 

His comments remind me that she was one of the people grinning like a Moonie Scientologist at Labour's 2007 Bournemouth love-in. I remember her speech to the Fabians saying "everyone's smiling, smiling"... well they aren't smiling now.