Peter Hoskin

Gordon Brown announces his resignation

Gordon Brown announces his resignation
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You're witnessing history, CoffeeHousers: Gordon Brown has just announced his departure from frontline politics.  In a statement outside Downing St, he confirmed that he would be stepping down as Labour leader by September – triggering a leadership contest in the process.  It's clear that he's using himself as a bargaining chip, making a Lib-Lab deal more palatable to Nick Clegg.  Indeed, he even said that formal talks between the parties are now commencing.

This threatens not just to shake the kaleidoscope, but to smash it to pieces.  Until 17:05 this afternoon, most folk thought that a Lib-Con deal was imminent.  But surely Brown wouldn't have taken this step if there wasn't a chance – however slight – of sabotaging those efforts.  Oh yes, in death as in life: causing trouble for the Tories.