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Gordon Brown spins his web little too obviously

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David Cameron gives his crucial speech to the Tory party conference tomorrow - a speech that will go some way towards deciding whether he has a real shot at becoming the next British Prime Minister. Despite the rotten polls and the talk of a snap election next month I'm unconvinced (albeit from a distance) that the Tories are toast yet.

Still, it's good to see that Gordon Brown's commitment to a "new politics" remains rock-solid. Matt d'Ancona explains:

So Gordon Brown, having brought forward his trip to Iraq, says that more than 1,000 troops will be home by Christmas. Is this the same Gordon Brown who said at Camp David that no announcement on troop drawdown would be made until he delivered his Commons statement, set for next week? What encouraged the PM to break this promise and make the declaration now? Surely not the Tories' strong showing in Blackpool?

The Spectator's Coffee House blog has heaps of sharp conference commentary, well worth checking out.

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