James Forsyth

Grant Shapps addresses the 1922 committee

Grant Shapps addresses the 1922 committee
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Grant Shapps, the new Tory chairman, has been addressing the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers this evening. Shapps appears to have gone down fairly well. MPs are glad to have a Chairman who is in the Commons after two and a bit years with a peer doing the job, though Andrew Feldman remains a co-chair.

Shapps told MPs that he was keen for CCHQ to offer them every assistance it can. He announced that he would be placing a CCHQ staffer in the whip’s office several days a week so they could handle MPs’ requests.

I also expect that there will not be the usual by-election edict for the Corby contest. There appears to be an appreciation that making MPs make multiple trips up there would not go down well given that the by-election has been caused by an MP quitting of her own volition.