David Blackburn

Griffin to complain about “lynch mob” Question Time

Griffin to complain about “lynch mob” Question Time
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Nick Griffin has just made the following statement:

“It was not a genuine Question Time, it was a lynch mob… People wanted to see me and hear me taking about things like the postal strike. Let’s do it again and do it properly this time.”

He added that he would lodge a “formal complaint to the BBC over the way it twisted Question Time”.

As James wrote last night, the debate was an extended navel gaze into whether it was right that Griffin appeared on the programme. Whilst Griffin unquestionably came off worse by babbling about a rather enigmatic, non-colour specific group called British aborigines, the panel missed the opportunity to demolish the BNP’s policies, by concentrating on illustrating that the BNP is ideologically racist. What a waste of time; we know it is.

Griffin mentioned only one serious policy issue – the BNP will abolish sex education in primary schools; a policy that will leave many girls undergoing puberty without having received any formal education about it. Leaving the race issue to one side; the BNP’s domestic and foreign policies are Brechtian in their absurdity. I understand that CCHQ are costing the more totalitarian aspects of Griffin’s economic policy, and the cost of protectionism and diplomatic isolation. If last night marks the beginning of the formal inclusion of Griffin into mainstream debate, then it is vital that centrist politicians do some homework and demonstrate that Griffin is a political lightweight as well as objectionable.