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H is for Hard Decisions (And Some Easy Ones)

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After  Armstrong, Benaud, Constantine, DexterEdrichFry and Gower it is clearly time for Len Hutton's lads to take the field. This, I submit, is a pretty strong 'H' XI. It would have been posted three days ago had I not been paralysed by indecision brought on by the difficulty of selecting the man to bat at 6.

1. Jack Hobbs (ENG)

2. Len Hutton (ENG) (Capt)

3. Wally Hammond (ENG)

4. George Headley (WI)

5. Neil Harvey (AUS)

6. Clem Hill (AUS)

7. Richard Hadlee (NZ)

8. Ian Healy (AUS) (Wkt)

9. Michael Holding (WI)

10. Wes Hall (WI)

11. Harbhajan Singh (IND)

Country representation in the series so far: England 34, Australia 16, West Indies 12, India 8, South Africa 7, Pakistan 5, New Zealand 5, Zimbabwe 1.

Selection discussion after the jump...

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