James Forsyth

Hardly vintage stuff from Ed and Dave

Hardly vintage stuff from Ed and Dave
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Neither Ed Miliband nor David Cameron had a good PMQs. Cameron let his irritation at questions about the appointment of his campaign photographer to a civil service post show. It was also a bit rich for him to criticise a Labour MP for asking a question scripted by the whips when Tory MPs ask patsy questions with monotonous regularity, I counted at least four in this session alone. But the regular shouts of ‘cheese, cheese’ from the Labour benches were clearly riling the Prime Minister.

But it wasn’t a good session for Ed Miliband either. His delivery was rather halting and he stumbled on his words far more than he usually does. His jokes didn’t quite come off either.

The most striking moment in the session came when Cameron said that giving the vote to prisoners made him feel ‘physically sick.’ But however strongly Cameron expresses his disquiet about this issue, there’s no getting away from the fact that he’s not going to do anything to curb the judicial activism of the Strasbourg Court.