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Harriet redux – for Mr Nonvexatious

Harriet redux – for Mr Nonvexatious
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Sorry – been away, up in Middlesbrough working on a feature and haven’t had time for the usual bloggin’, scurrying between dole office and lovely North York Moors. A brief return to last week’s story about Harman and the gingers. Nonvexatious, in the thread below, insists that there have been no reported cases of red or ginger-haired people successfully claiming discrimination on account of reaction to their unfortunate colouring. Well, of course, there have. One of them is Sarah Primmer who, back in 2007, successfully screwed £17,618 out of an employment tribunal because her colleagues and bosses kept making remarks about her ginger hair. In the same year a family in Newcastle were rehoused because they suffered anti-ginger “bullying” on their ghastly estate. A year later employment lawyers suggested that anti-ginger discrimination would soon end up in the courts on the charge of “indirect racism”. So shove that up your ginger bottom. If it is ginger.

Different story tomorrow….