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Harriet’s At It

Harriet's At It
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My politics students at City University in London were delighted to have a visit from a master hack today. Kevin Maguire was an entertainining and marvellously indiscreet guest.

The final question was straight and to the point: "What did Mr Maguire think Harriet Harman was up to?" Kevin thought for about a second before replying: "She's at it."  He also confirmed that Number 10 thought she was "at it" too.

He made the point that Harriet Harman was an accomplished politician who had managed to win the Labour deputy leadership without the support of the unions. Her positioning on Fred Goodwin's pension and Post Office privatisation, was, he felt, a clear pitch for the leadership (and so did the people around Gordon Brown).

I'd say Kevin has been "at it "(political journalism) long enough to know when a politician is "at it".