Has Andy Burnham’s wife kissed a Tory?

Has Andy Burnham's wife kissed a Tory?
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When Andy Burnham attended London Pride, the Labour leadership hopeful proudly sported a t-shirt which read 'never kissed a Tory'. While Mr S is yet to track down a Tory who found romance with Burnham, there are doubts that the same can be said for his wife, Marie-France van Heel.

During Victoria Derbyshire's Labour leadership hustings this morning, Burnham revealed his wife's cross-party past:

'My wife and I have been together for 25 years but in the early days she was on Blind Date and she was the picker, and to add insult to injury she picked Will from Surrey, who ended up being the director of communications for the Conservative party.'

However, the date didn't go to plan with Will Harris, who later served as Conservative spin chief under Michael Howard, calling her ‘a cold fish’. ‘The end of the programme was awful. We left the show and went back stage and she said to me: “F--- off, I never want to see you again”,’ he recently told MailOnline.

Mr S suspects it is still safe for Marie-France to borrow Burnham's t-shirt.

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