James Forsyth

Hemming divulges

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‘Mr Speaker, With about 75,000 people having named Ryan Giggs on Twitter it is impractical to imprison them all and with reports that Giles Coren is facing imprisonment’

This was as far as John Hemming got in his question to the attorney general before the Speaker interrupted him to warn that he should be talking about the principles involved in super-injunctions not the people. But now that it has been said in parliament it can be reported by the press, although I do not believe any newspaper is allowed say which super injunction he has taken out or whether those naming Giggs on Twitter are correct.

There were gasps in the chamber as Hemming mentioned Giggs by name and there was cold anger in John Bercow’s voice as he upbraided him for mentioning him. We now wait to see if the courts lift any injunctions today.