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Here’s the Latest from Your Thinker in Residence

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It seems some readers of this blog are such fundamentalist economic liberals that they even disapprove of Thatcher-style state encouragement of entrepreneurs. Check out some of the reaction to my last post for some examples of this tendency. I was really trying to alert readers to the words of Sir David Trippier, but never mind.

But if my last post wound you up, I wonder what you'll make of my latest news. I have been outed by David Lister of the Independent in a very generous column as "thinker in residence" at the Southbank Centre. Helpfully, David, has outlined some serious problems I have to consider:

"How do you disport yourself? You can hardly spend all your working hours chin on hand like Rodin’s sculpture. But equally one’s colleagues would not wish to see their resident thinker having a laugh or joining the South Bank Centre’s tiddlywinks team. One presumably must be deep in thought at all times."

Hmm. Have to think about that.