David Blackburn

Hey big spender

Hey big spender
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Perhaps Lord Myners hasn’t seen the cuts memo because he appeared on Sky News this morning trying to convince the world that Britain can and must maintain its current spending levels. Despite concerns over the budget deficit, a reality that even the Prime Minister acknowledges, Lord Myners said:

"We're keeping people in their jobs we're keeping people in their houses we're being sensitive to the needs of the community. That programme must not stop until the recovery is firmly rooted.

"We can afford to do it and it's quite evident from the fact that we are able to raise money in international bond market. The willingness to support us is there."

Nothing epitomises Brown’s moribund leadership more than his inability to ensure that handpicked ministers understand his message and strategy. A Sunday Times/You Gov poll suggests that 60% of voters want to shrink the size of the state and redress the budget deficit; if Labour are to avoid electoral disaster, ministers must arrest their fantasies about spending and come down on the side of cuts. The government’s confused statements simply create the impression that ministers are not communicating and that the government is totally out touch of reality.