Freddy Gray

Hillary Clinton is a more sinister personality than Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton is a more sinister personality than Donald Trump
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Watch this clip of Donald Trump suggesting yesterday that gun-rights enthusiasts might kill Hillary Clinton, and tell me, seriously, that you think he is being serious.

Now watch Hillary Clinton in 2011 joking about the death of Gaddafi, and tell me -- honestly -- who is more sinister?

'We came, we saw, he died!' LOL! And tell us, Hillary -- what happened after that? Didn't Libya descend into chaos? Didn't the country become a jihadist hellpit, as well as a springboard for the refugee crisis? Yes, it did. How hilarious!

Leave aside the politics for a moment: people are going to insist that Donald Trump's awful crudeness makes him unfit to be commander in chief, shouldn't they apply the same standard to Hillary Clinton's character too. In terms of pure personality, Hillary Clinton seems more sinister than Donald Trump, especially since we know what happens when she is put in charge of something like, say, a war.

That's not to say 'vote for Trump'. But it's strange that people don't talk about how creepy Hillary can be, at least not to the extent they do about Trump. When Trump makes an off-colour joke, people turn white with anger. They lose not just their sense of humour, but of perspective too.

This is Trump's trick. He relishes joshing with the crowd, toying with the media's piety, and sending himself up as the candidate who is willing to say anything. His fans understand what he is doing. The media -- and most Brits, judging from the reactions to Trump in this country -- do not. Or rather they do, but they are so determined to turn Trump into a post-modern anti-Christ that they choose to believe he is serious when he is clearly joking.

Now, you could say it is unpresidential to joke about things such as murdering your opponent, and you might have a point. You could say it is dangerous, given the number of mentally unstable people and guns in America, and again that is a fair argument.

But the reaction to Trump's quips goes further than that. The media pretends that he is doing something -- actually threatening violence -- which he is clearly not. TRUMP THREATENS CLINTON WITH GUN VIOLENCE, screamed the headline yesterday. This is hysterical, and foolish. It reveals a ridiculous media-driven bias which annoys lots of Americans, and makes ordinary people more inclined to like and even vote for Trump.

The fact is that Donald Trump can be funny; it's one of his strengths as a candidate. He may be dangerous and a crook; but he makes the crowd laugh. Hillary Clinton does not. She prefers to bore audiences. And when she does make an off-the-cuff joke, see above, she comes across as even madder and more unhinged than Donald Trump, which is quite an achievement. In electoral terms, this is a problem for her, not for him.