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Hillary Surrenders on Ulster

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Damnit. I'd enjoyed working up a good lather of indignation and righteous fury over Hillary Clinton's claim, repeated ad nauseam, to have played an "instrumental" role in the Northern Irish "peace process" (see several posts collected here, for instance). And now she's gone and spoiled it by, rather strikingly, walking back from her preposterous claims. As Toby Harnden reports:

Hillary Clinton has just issued a bland statement marking the 10th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. In it, she salutes “the brave and tireless efforts of the parties” and notes that “the real credit for peace can only go to the brave people of Northern Ireland”.

She adds that “helping to advance the peace process and to achieve the Good Friday Agreement is one of my husband’s proudest accomplishments as President”. Of her own contribution, which she has previously inflated beyond the point of credibility, she says merely: “And I too am proud to have played a role in that effort.” So she’s toned down the blarney considerably – a victory for press scrutiny and common sense. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Why does Hillary Clinton want to spoil my enjoyment by being so (comparatively) reasonable all of a sudden?

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