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Revealed: How Boris paid for the Downing Street refurbishment

Revealed: How Boris paid for the Downing Street refurbishment
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I understand that CCHQ (Conservative Campaign Headquarters) made a payment to the Cabinet Office to cover the initial costs of refurbishing the Prime Minister’s home in Downing Street, and the PM is now repaying CCHQ. 

There is an audit trail and Cabinet Secretary Simon Case knows about it. This is presumably why he told MPs today that he would do a report on the propriety of how the decoration and furnishing was funded.

Downing Street says to me that the PM has now paid for the costs of the refurbishment. But there was a loan to him from the Tory party. And I assume that loan will now have to be declared by him. 

Readers can decide whether it was appropriate for his party to give him this kind of financial help.

PS I assume the PM will declare the loan from the Tory party pronto. Because a failure to do so would be a breach of the Ministerial Code. I am less clear on whether there is an analogous disclosure responsibility on the Conservative party, but I assume there is.

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