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How far we’ve fallen

How far we've fallen
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To be honest, I don't often stray into the Sunday Times Travel supplement, so I'm not sure whether their 'Holiday Money' table - setting out the exchange rates between Sterling and a host of foreign currencies, as well as the position they were in a year ago - is a regular inclusion or not.  But it caught my eye this morning.  Sure, the fall of Sterling is hardly news, but we often hear about it in terms of dollars and Euros.  Seeing the prices against, say, the Kenyan shilling or the Argentinian Peso really hammers the point home.  So I've reprinted the Sunday Times table below.   The numbers in brakets show the exchange rate a year ago:

Country Currency Rate
Argentina Peso 4.89 (6.04)
Australia Dollar 2.14 (2.11)
Brazil Real 3.09 (3.12)
Canada Dollar 1.73 (1.92)
Egypt Pound 7.16 (9.70)
Eurozone Euro 1.08 (1.29)
Hong Kong Dollar 10.82 (14.82)
India Rupee 63.26 (69.57)
Kenya Shilling 104.24 (129)
Malasia Ringgit 4.99 (6.06)
Mexico Peso 18.87 (19.26)
New Zealand Dollar 2.71 (2.37)
Norway Krone 9.62 (10.53)
South Africa Rand 13.84 (14.41)
Sweden Krona 11.62 (12.32)
Switzerland Franc 1.63 (2.09)
Thailand Baht 45.98 (58.77)
Turkey New lira 2.26 (2.23)
UAE Dirham 5.05 (6.87)
USA Dollar 1.40 (1.91)