Peter Hoskin

How quickly things change

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Spot the difference:

5 September, 2009:
Gordon Brown warns G20 countries against reining in spending, The Telegraph

"Britain is resisting pressure from Germany and other Euro-currency countries who are planning to moves towards an 'exit strategy' that would see some of the planned anti-recessionary spending programmes being scaled back to cut rising national debts."

18 September, 2009: Gordon Brown to call for international agreement to cut public spending, The Telegraph

"Mr Brown says 'exit strategies' from the emergency fiscal measures that were introduced to stave off the worst excesses of the recession need to be agreed by all the leading nations.

The Prime Minister will tell world leaders that a 'new global compact' is needed to govern how countries run their economies, and achieve and maintain growth."

I wonder whether Brown's G20 counterparts will be amused...