Rod Liddle

Hugo Chavez dies. Pillocks mourn

Hugo Chavez dies. Pillocks mourn
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According to The Grauniad, the world has lost a colossus, a political giant, an inspiring politician dedicated to rooting out corruption and standing up for the poor, etc etc.

It was Hugo Chavez they were talking about, bizarrely. They even wheeled out Tariq Ali to pen a eulogy. Martin Kettle hopped about between the cracks, lauding this corrupt and vicious demagogue while at least finding it within his soul to admit that he had a somewhat questionable side. Nonetheless, Kettle confided, he would have voted for Chavez had he (Kettle) been Venezuelan, rather than a bien pensant from London.

Only if he hadn’t been imprisoned by him first, I suppose, would be the cheap retort to such vainglorious dilettantish posing. A wrecked economy, despite all that oil, run by an authoritarian anti-semite. Oooh, I look forward to Kettle and Ali on the death of Mugabe, which can’t be too far away.