Rod Liddle

Huhne should’ve come out as gay

Huhne should've come out as gay
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I’m not quite sure where I stand on the subject of Chris Huhne and his new weird-looking quasi-lesbo missus, Carina Trimingham. I don’t entirely understand why Huhne has copped so much flak for having left his wife, divorce – as I know – being a sort of occupational hazard of the modern middle classes. Huhne has been fingered, if you will excuse the phrase, for hypocrisy, in having made various pro-family statements both in the lead up to the last election and years before. But I never heard him say he that he wished to repeal the divorce laws, or that divorce was de facto wrong.

I suppose you might question his taste in chicks, but that’s about all. And even then Ms Trimingham might be a warm and loving person, or go like Rommel in the sack. It seems odd to me that Huhne, who has merely left his missus, is subjected to far more opprobrium than David Laws, who defrauded the taxpayer of £40,000. Maybe if Huhne had come out as a lesbian there would be more sympathy for him.