Rod Liddle

I’ve changed my mind about where we should bomb...

I've changed my mind about where we should bomb...
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Just back after a few weeks away in the north east - thought I’d share this with you. I wrote a piece for The Sunday Times arguing against bombing Syria for a host of reasons – I will list them all in another blog tomorrow. Suffice to say I don’t think it will do any good, even if it might cheer us up. I also suggested that given the threat to us is largely internal, ie from domiciled Muslims who have been (weary sigh) 'radicalised' - we would be as well off bombing Luton as Syria.

BBC Three Counties Radio took exception. They sent some poor sap of a reporter onto the streets of Luton to ask people if they thought it was right that Luton should be bombed (the ones who they reported as answering all said 'no, probably not, on balance'). Then some cretin of a presenter interviewed me. 'Why do you want to bomb Luton?' And 'Do you think that’s a helpful thing to say, bombing Luton?' And – best of all – 'what have you got against Luton?'

I tried very hard to explain that I wasn’t in favour of bombing Luton, or indeed anywhere. I was trying to make a point. To no avail. It was like discussing something with a large sack of porky scratchings upon which someone had inexpertly drawn a face. It left me with the suspicion that while we shouldn’t bomb Luton, maybe we should bomb Dunstable, where Three Counties is located*. Don’t these monkeys have the power of thought?

* Joke!