David Blackburn

In Griffin’s world, squaddies will have to follow their Generals to Nuremberg

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Well, as Britain’s senior Generals goosestep their way to Nuremberg, plucky squaddies and veterans have leapt to their defence. In the video below, provided by Nothing British, Andy McNab plays loyal Fritz to General Dannatt’s Keitel.

And these veterans of the Second World War, the Malaya campaign, the Falklands war and current conflicts, will feel the hangman’s noose on their necks also.

The BNP has its roots in ‘Eurofacist’ movements that aligned Aryanism with hardline, regressive socialism, and believed that change would be effected by regenerative violence, not mainstream politics. The BNP remain national socialists and racial supremacists - opposed to all non-white British nationalities and ethnicities, not merely Islamic extremism. The party leadership have used the armed forces and contentious wars (successfully it has to be said) as a pretext to hold its nose and enter representative politics; mainstream politics has to respond.

PS. Many commenters raise a valid point - my first paragraph is exclusively tongue in cheek. Thereafter my argument becomes serious. I share your concerns about Islamic extremism and uncontrolled immigration in Britain. But the BNP's blanket policy, based on nothing more than prejudice, exacerbates racial tension and does not provide a realistic answer to the problems of mass immigration. Likewise, the party's economic policy includes the nationalisation of key industries and excessive tax rates. That such policies are straight out of Goering's ten year plan is beside the point; they are economically regressive.

I do not deny the right of the BNP to argue its case, not least because centrist parties refuse to address the concerns of the million people that voted for them. The BNP is a legitimate political force and should be respected and criticised as such. The alignment of racial supremacy with hardline, regressive socialism is anathema to me and I will debate it and, as I have written on these pages before, I urge mainstream parties and institutions to do likewise.