Peter Hoskin

Inauthenticity, meet skewer

Inauthenticity, meet skewer
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We're not even one day into the election campaign proper, and already the internet is fulfilling its role as the Exposer-in-Chief of spin, deceits and slip-ups aplenty.  I direct you towards Guido's post on Brown's – ahem – impromptu support at St Pancras station earlier.  Or Left Foot Forward's account of the omissions from Cameron's list of The Great Ignored.  Or Sam Coates's tweets about the #stagemanagedelection.  And there's plenty more where they came from.

In a campaign where inauthenticity is going to get skewered at every turn, politicians clearly need to go about things differently.  But there are all too many signs that they're stuck in the old, familiar grooves of elections past.  I mean, Labour even admitted that a couple who met Brown this afternoon were "chosen because they could be relied on to co-operate".  But with camera-phone-wielding bloggers lurking in the shadows, there's every chance that that kind of stage-management will be the first casualty of Election 2010.