John O'Neill

Inflation stays negative for a second month

Inflation stays negative for a second month
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Britain stayed in deflation in October, with the Consumer Prices Index falling by 0.1 per cent over the year. So far this year inflation has averaged just 0.02 per cent – the longest run of low inflation since the 1930s.

New stats show inflation unchanged at -0.1% while pay growth strong & employment at record high, means household budgets going further

— George Osborne (@George_Osborne) November 17, 2015

Citi says inflation is likely to turn positive again next month as the effects of last's years oil price nosedive falls out of the 12-month change – but with sluggish global growth, the cost of goods falling and inflation in the cost of services running at just 2.2 per cent, it looks like low inflation will be with us for a long time.

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