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Introducing Spectator Live | 9 April 2010

Introducing Spectator Live | 9 April 2010
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Just to flag up to CoffeeHousers that we’ve launched a separate area to the website: Spectator Live. Going to will open up what we hope will be your bulletin board for Election 2010. It collects all election-related content from around the Spectator website – so posts from Coffee House, from our team of bloggers, and the like. But there are also a few new bells and whistles. Here’s a quick guide to what you’ll find there:

The Spectator Panel

We’ve gathered a great selection of commentators from across the political spectrum to give their views on the unfolding campaign. They are: the journalist Gaby Hinsliff, ConservativeHome’s Tim Montgomerie, Left Foot Forward’s Will Straw, the Spectator’s own Wiki Man Rory Sutherland, and our infamous CCHQ insider Tamzin Lightwater. It should all add up to a fascinating and broad portrait of the entire election.

Coffee House Twitter feed

There’s now a Coffee House Twitter feed built into both Spectator Live and the traditional Coffee House page. Here, you’ll be able to read updates from the entire Coffee House team. You can follow us here.

The Daily Mash

As Alex put it the other day, there’s every chance this will be the Daily Mash election. So rather than compete with the UK’s best online satirists, we thought we’d bring them on board. In the Daily Mash section of Spectator Live, there will be an article a day for your enjoyment.


Our scientifically rigorous mood-o-meter feature does exactly what it says on the tin: tracking the moods of David Cameron and Gordon Brown. Who’s up, who’s down? And why? The mood-o-meter reveals all.


We’ve borrowed this from our friends at PoliticsHome. It’s a rolling feed of all the political comment and breaking news from the blogosphere and beyond. If you’ve been to PoliticsHome before, you’ll know how it works. If not, I’m sure you’ll find it useful in no time.

Coffee House

You should know exactly what this is, but over at Spectator Live we’ve got what we think is a much prettier, much zippier version of Coffee House. You can order posts according to their chronology, their popularity and the number of comments on them. Or you can even use the navigation at the top of Spectator Live to find out what we were saying on a single day of the campaign.

Anyway, there’s plenty more besides – such as exclusive articles, videos, polls, that kind of thing – but they’re all quite self-explanatory. We do hope you like Spectator Live. And if you’ve got any questions, complaints or otherwise, do shoot us an email on phoskin @ or dblackburn @