Martin Bright

Iran Solidarity

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David T over at Harry's Place blog has drawn my attention to this post from "habibi". I'm happy to endorse the message.

"This Thursday is the tenth anniversary of the brutal repression of students in Iran.

Today a new round of repression is underway in Iran.Here is something you can do about it. An anniversary demonstration at the Iranian embassy in London is scheduled for this Thursday, starting at 6 PM. Please wear green and come along to 16 Prince’s Gate, SW7. The nearest Tube station is South Kensington.The only point – and I hope this leads other British bloggers to echo this call – is to show solidarity with the Iranian people. In fact, as one Iranian exile tells me, people who “come selling newspapers and lecturing the people on what they should do” are not wanted. “Just join and express solidarity”, the exile says. Please come."

Meanwhile, Iranian state TV presenter Yvonne Ridley is apparently under pressure from "Zionists" to resign from Press TV. This reminds me of when I appeared on her show on the  Islam Channel and was asked to declare where I fitted in to the international Zionist conspiracy.

I haven't heard back from Andrew Gilligan, but this latest plug from Yvonne on Facebook suggests he has decided to carry on working for the Iranians:

"If you live in London and want to take part in a live TV audience discussion focussing on The Iraq Inquiry and what will it achieve, get in touch with by email. Show hosted by Andrew Gilligan, top level panellists and filming in West London early tomorrow evening and transport arranged."

I guess that means Press TV won't be covering the demonstration at the Iranian embassy then.