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Iraq revisited

Iraq revisited
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This caught my eye in today's Guardian:

"The BBC is planning a controversial dramatisation of the run-up to the war in Iraq, to be broadcast over 10 days in March, ahead of the fifth anniversary of the start of the conflict.

Starring Kenneth Branagh as Colonel Tim Collins, as well as Art Malik and Harriet Walter, the high profile series will focus on the events that happened on the corresponding days five years earlier, the BBC said yesterday.

The series, overseen by Colin Barr, who made an acclaimed drama-documentary about Robert Maxwell, will tell the story of the hunt for weapons of mass destruction, the debates in the UN, the plans for reconstruction and the countdown to the war, which began on the night of March 20 2003.

The 10-12 minute films will be broadcast between March 10 and 19 in the slot usually occupied by Newsnight on BBC2. The Jeremy Paxman-fronted news programme will then analyse the events portrayed in the drama. The writer Ronan Bennett said the films would not exploit hindsight, but 'will tell the story as it was known then to the people it most affected'"

And got me thinking about what other past events I'd like to see get a similar treatment.  It may be less topical than Iraq, but the Paris Commune of 1871 would come top of my list - followed closely by the Lady Chatterley obscenity trial and the October Revolution.  What historical episodes would Coffee-Housers add?