David Blackburn

Is Boris’ resignation a problem?

Is Boris’ resignation a problem?
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Boris Johnson has resigned as Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority, apparently because he could not devote enough time to the job. The deputy mayor for policing, Kit Malthouse, replaces him.

This is a marginally embarrassing turn of events for Boris and the Tories. It’s a puerile point but Boris still has the time to write his extremely readable and by all accounts admirably remunerated column in the Telegraph. Equally, the Tories cited Boris Johnson as their first elected police commissioner – a famous face for one of their flagship policies.

I don’t see either problem as being serious, certainly not beyond the present. Kit Malthouse is very able and he will be become increasingly recognisable in his new role – he could easily become the face of the Tories’ policy. As for the Telegraph column, I don’t imagine that Boris agonises over it into the vastness of the night.

PS: This is a problem though.