Rod Liddle

Is Ed Miliband really proud to have fought alongside me? I’m not so sure

Is Ed Miliband really proud to have fought alongside me? I'm not so sure
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Sheesh, sometimes you read something and it makes you go all gooey inside. Take this email I got from Ed Miliband.

Dear Rod,

As I write this, Justine and I are on our last trip on the Labour campaign bus. We're heading back from an incredible supporter rally in Leeds to Doncaster so we can vote there first thing tomorrow morning.

So while I have this rare, quiet moment, I want to say this: thank you.

I am so proud to have fought this campaign alongside you. If our country votes for a Labour government tomorrow, it will be because of the dedication, passion and generosity of hundreds of thousands of people like you.

Makes you feel all warm inside, no? I got it because I’m a member of his party. I don’t think Ed is proud to have fought alongside me, if I’m honest. If he was he’d put a moratorium on immigration and give tax concessions to people who are demonstrably Islamophobic.

What an awful campaign it has been. And the murmurings from top Tories suggest we have not yet seen the worst…