Is Extinction Rebellion extinct?

Is Extinction Rebellion extinct?
An Extinction Rebellion activist in Westminster (Getty images)
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When Extinction Rebellion took over the streets of London last year, even some of those who disagreed with the aims of the movement found the number of protesters an impressive sight. Thousands of people descended on the capital, blocking streets and causing chaos as they desperately tried to outfox police officers. 

This week, Extinction Rebellion is back. But the turnout is underwhelming, to say the least. In Parliament Square – scene of a mass gathering last year – only a few dozen protesters were in attendance this lunchtime. And it has been a similar story for much of this week. 

The coronavirus pandemic has caused political and economic chaos and is likely to lead to thousands of people losing their jobs. Has it also relegated Extinction Rebellion's agenda down the list of pressing issues? If Mr S's lunchtime walkabout in Westminster is anything to go on, it seems so.

A handful of demonstrators in Parliament square
There were more police than protesters in Parliament square
A lone protester on Victoria Street
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