Rod Liddle

Isn’t Gordon Brown being bullied?

Isn’t Gordon Brown being bullied?
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Just a thought, but isn’t the National Bullying Helpline guilty of bullying the Prime Minister? I think I will ring its freephone number claiming to be Gordon Brown and explain that I am currently being bullied by a prominent anti-bullying charity, can they suggest a course of action.

Quite clearly what the aptly-named Pratts, the bossess of this charity, has done is breach confidentiality, which is about as serious as it gets for an anti-bullying organization. That’s why its patrons are either in the process of resigning or distancing themselves from the whole caboodle.

I have the suspicion that this is one of those Tory attacks which will badly misfire and end up shooting the party (and indeed, Nick Clegg, who deserves a spot of rigorous bullying) in the foot. Like the row over that letter Brown wrote to the parents of a lad killed in Afghanistan.

As I said in the last blog, I understand the great anxiety many of you feel about getting rid of this government, even if it is not one I entirely share (more on that another day). But we have to be fair and consistent. And reading between the lines of some of those posts I suspect some of you are not being fair and consistent or true to yourselves. Am I wrong?