Rod Liddle

It’s Labour’s loss if they don’t take Ukip voters seriously

It's Labour's loss if they don't take Ukip voters seriously
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Almost four million people voted for Ukip on 7 May. That, in itself, is an astonishing achievement for a party which is a) newish and b) endured more vilification than even Ed Miliband had to put up with, from both the press and of course the BBC.

It would be nice to think that at some point we will get over our obsession with the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon - and start taking Ukip as seriously as we do the Nats. Or, almost three times more seriously, if we wish to be properly democratic.

Ukip was crucial to the Conservative victory, taking enormous numbers of votes from Labour supporters north of Watford. Labour seems determined not to take them seriously and simply to dismiss Ukip supporters as vile racists. That’s Labour’s loss; my suspicion is that Labour’s support will continue to dwindle outside hideous London. But whatever, it was immigration that fuelled Ukip's extraordinary success. I wonder if any other party will learn that lesson?