Jeffrey Archer: Bollywood plagiarised my books

Jeffrey Archer: Bollywood plagiarised my books
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Jeffrey Archer is none too impressed with the Bollywood film industry. In an interview with India's DNA Newspaper, he said that several Bollywood films have ripped off his books without his permission.

The comments came after the convicted perjurer was asked whether his novels have the potential to translate into Hollywood films:

'Well, forget Hollywood, just look at your Bollywood! These bunch of thieves have stolen several of my books without so much as a "by your leave".'

According to Lord Archer, his books Not A Penny More, Not A  Penny Less and Kane and Abel have both inspired successful Bollywood films. In the interview Archer goes on to say that he has found Indian film producers difficult to work with. He gives the example of a 'second-rate Bollywood idiot who goes around saying he’s a Bollywood star producer and then he is not! It’s true! What can I say? Such has been my Indian experience many times'.

Despite his issues with the industry, Archer is still keen to have his latest novel Only Time Will Tell turned into a Bollywood film. However, Mr S is curious to see who would take him up on the offer in light of his comments.

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