Jeremy Corbyn reveals all at the British Kebab Awards

Jeremy Corbyn reveals all at the British Kebab Awards
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As Westminster descended into chaos last night, with the Speaker’s announcement that he would block Theresa May’s meaningful vote, and with only eleven days until Brexit, where else would politicos be except the British Kebab Awards – which celebrate all that is good about the humble kebab shop.

There was a serious moment at the event, with a minute’s silence held for the victims of the Christchurch attack. And some important polling information was divulged, as Kebab Award founder İbrahim Doğuş announced that your average kebab eater is a Remainer and votes Labour.

Alongside journalists, kebab shop owners and employees, Mr Steerpike spotted a fair few politicians mingling in the crowd, including Labour’s Angela Rayner, Mark Francois and in a surprise turn, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who arrived half way through the ceremony to give a speech.

It had been two years since Corbyn last attended a Kebab Award event, after he remained conspicuously absent last year. Yet the Labour leader still managed to cause some controversy when he admitted that:

‘It’s strange really, as one who chooses not to eat meat and chooses not to drink, I love kebab shops. I love what they do. And I love having a falafal wrap in a kebab shop.’

Corbyn then asked the crowd to raise their hands if they too were falafal fans, and declared that there had been a ‘big swing toward falafas in the past two years.’

After the speech though, Mr S was left with a burning question: how does Corbyn garnish his own falafal wrap? Mr Steerpike managed to track down the Labour leader, who revealed that he normally opted for hummus and garlic sauce. Asked about his choice of chilli – spicy, medium or mild? -– the MP was forced to admit that unlike his wife, he avoided spice at all costs.

Clearly Labour still can’t handle the heat...

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