Jeremy Corbyn’s brother gets behind Tommy Robinson and Donald Trump

Jeremy Corbyn's brother gets behind Tommy Robinson and Donald Trump
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With the US presidential result now less than 24 hours away, tensions are high both across the pond and in the UK. So, perhaps that's why Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers has stepped his campaign against Hillary Clinton up a notch this morning.

Although Piers has previously insisted he is not endorsing Donald Trump despite his condemnation of Clinton, his Twitter feed this morning suggests otherwise. In one entry, Corbyn has retweeted none other than Tommy Robinson -- the former English Defence League leader and former BNP member:

Alas Mr S suspects Pier's brother won't be so impressed at his antics -- with Jezza previously not taking Robinson up on an offer to send him to Syria for tea with Isis.

In the event of a Trump victory, perhaps Piers will encourage his brother to join forces with the Republican to make Britain great again too.


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