Jeremy Corbyn’s war with the mainstream media wages on

Jeremy Corbyn's war with the mainstream media wages on
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Jeremy Corbyn left Labour MPs angry last night after he ducked out of answering questions at a meeting of the PLP in order to appear on ITV's The Agenda. So, with members of his own party turning against him once again, the Labour leader decided it was an opportune time to revisit another old feud -- that pesky mainstream media.

When answering a question on what he made of the Prime Minister's decision to attack his appearance during last week's PMQs, Corbyn told Tom Bradby that he was more bothered that the incident had been picked up by the media:

'Obviously deeply hurt, but what actually on a serious point is sad is that that then became the story of Prime Minister's Question Time.

It was then regurgitated in every one of our broadsheet newspapers, and a lot of so-called serious political programmes. I was actually asking about junior doctors, I was actually asking about our national health service.'

Still, it's not all doom and gloom for Corbyn. The Labour leader managed to lighten up when he revealed his 'mock newspaper cover' at the end of the show. Corbyn opted to revisit his sartorial style, making light of his decision to wear a shiny grey tracksuit in public.


What was that about focussing on trivial issues again?

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