Jeremy Wright’s football fail

Jeremy Wright's football fail
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Is Jeremy Wright the new David Cameron? By that, Mr S does not mean to suggest that Wright is the man to go on to win a majority for the Tories at the next general election. Instead, Steerpike's concern relates to football.

During Cameron's time in No 10, there was a running joke that despite his claims to the contrary, Dave wasn't much of a football fan. Despite claiming he was an Aston Villa fan, Cameron later said he supported West Ham United. The new Culture Secretary is showing signs of suffering from a similar condition. In an interview with Sophy Ridge this morning, Wright said that he was particularly enjoying the sports element of his new brief. He went on to say that Liverpool was his football team.

Alas when Ridge asked Wright who his was playing this weekend, the Cabinet minister came up short – he said he didn't know as he had been too 'busy preparing for the interview'.

It's Man City for the record...

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