John Bercow enjoys (yet another) sports jolly

John Bercow enjoys (yet another) sports jolly
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Last year John Bercow proudly boasted during an interview with Roger Federer on Radio 4 that he had watched 65 of the tennis ace's matches that year. An impressive feat perhaps, but also one that led taxpayers to ask how exactly the Speaker had found time to watch 65 Federer matches alongside his work duties. Michael Fabricant went on to accuse Bercow of behaving like royalty over the number of sports freebies he took.

Not that the Speaker has let the criticism get to him. In fact, Bercow appears to be doing his very best to keep up his sports attendance record for the year 2015. The Speaker has so far racked up £2630.90 worth of sports jollies since the beginning of the year. According to the register of interests, the latest events he has accepted hospitality for include tickets to the FA cup final, tickets to the Barclays Premier League Manchester vs Arsenal match as well as hospitality at Queens to watch the tennis final. In total these three events are worth nearly £1000:



However, this does not include his trips to Wimbledon which he is yet to declare. Although Bercow attended the tennis tournament for not one, but three days of its two week duration, it is thought that on some of these days he paid for his own ticket.

Still, with his Speaker duties on top of his work as an MP, it all leads Mr S to ask: just how does he do it?

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