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John Bercow’s nauseating farewell

John Bercow’s nauseating farewell
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I didn’t think the smug triumphalism of the Remainer Alliance could get any more nauseating, but this afternoon it did. I’m thinking of John Bercow’s announcement that he’s stepping down as Speaker of the House of Commons and the 90+ minutes of sycophantic tributes from all those MPs who think the electorate made a grave mistake in voting to leave the European Union.

Honestly, the Conservatives should produce a highlight reel and release it as a Party Political Broadcast during the next General Election campaign. Here was the political class in Westminster at its worst – lavishing praise on the Speaker because they’re so appreciative of his efforts to obstruct the will of the British people.

Come to think of it, maybe just showing this clip would be sufficient. Here he is in all his pomp, with oleaginous self-importance oozing from every pore:

By announcing his departure this afternoon, and then granting two requests for emergency debates by Boris’s opponents (Jeremy Corbyn and Dominic Grieve), Bercow has made sure the Government’s motion calling for a General Election won’t be heard until after 10pm, with the vote some time after 11.30pm. But who cares if MPs have to stay up late? At least his mug gets to appear on every major news broadcast and on the front page of all tomorrow’s papers. That’s the main thing, obviously.

But more importantly, by announcing he will stand down after the next General Election or after October 31st, whichever is the sooner, he has given the existing Remainer Parliament yet another incentive to postpone the date of the election. After all, provided it is after October 31st, the current House of Commons can elect the new Speaker, ensuring that he or she is as shamelessly anti-Brexit as Bercow. Once again, he has demonstrated just how unfit he is for the office he holds – rather than uphold his constitutional obligation to be impartial, he is partisan to the last. No wonder he got a standing ovation from the Opposition benches, but not the Government benches.

Needless to say, tributes also flooded in from EU panjandrums like Guy Verhofstadt who have good reason to be grateful to him:

It was left to a senior government source to speak the truth about the pompous little oaf. 'Bercow thinks he’ll walk away as a hero, when most people in the country don’t know who he is and those that do think he’s a nauseating w**ker. The man has been central to stopping Brexit – the nation won’t thank him.'

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