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John Major’s double Scottish referendum plan is a big mistake

John Major's double Scottish referendum plan is a big mistake
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John Major has been a stalwart defender of the Union so it was disappointing to see his musings suggesting we should have two referendums on Scottish Independence. With the Scottish economy in serious decline the last thing we need is another three or four years of bitter division and uncertainty in Scotland. 

Appeasing the separatists is a disastrous policy and can only strengthen their cause. The 2014 referendum was promised as a once in a generation opportunity to decide the independence question. Does anyone seriously believe that the SNP will ever give up on their zeal for an independent Scotland?

They call for more referendums whilst, like Trump, refusing to accept the results. John Major’s first referendum would be a menu without prices and a free hit to demand more powers and money from the rest of the United Kingdom. It would be a complete distraction from considering the abysmal record of Nicola Sturgeon’s administration on employment, education and the health service. These are the issues which matter to people and for too long constitutional wrangling has allowed decline to continue unchallenged.

Written byMichael Forsyth

Michael Forsyth was Secretary of State for Scotland under John Major

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