John McDonnell’s words on Venezuela come back to haunt him

John McDonnell's words on Venezuela come back to haunt him
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As Jeremy Corbyn tries to enjoy his summer holiday, the Labour leader is under increasing pressure to speak out against the Venezuelan regime. With opposition leaders under arrest and mass protests ongoing, the Labour leader has so far kept shtum on the regime he previously lauded as showing a 'better way of doing things'.

So, why the silence among Labour's top command? It can't be that they don't think Venezuelan politics to be of interest. As David Aaronovitch notes in today's Times, there was a time when Corbyn's comrade John McDonnell compelled every MP to step up and talk about the country's regime.

Speaking at the Hands Off Venezuela national conference in London back in 2007, McDonnell pledged to make solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution an issue that 'no MP would be allowed to dodge'.

Who's dodging the issue now?