Peter Hoskin

John Redwood “not sure” whether ministers will vote in 1922 Committee

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John Redwood is interviewed by Andrew Neil on Straight Talk this weekend, and there's a rather eyecatching exchange where the Tory MP claims that he's "not sure" whether ministers will be able to vote in the 1922 Committee, after all:

John Redwood: I understand the ballot, the ballot was about whether Ministers should come regularly to the 22 or not, and so I have no problem with that, and if that is the agreement, then fine.

Andrew Neil: So are you not clear yet whether Ministers can come along as full members of the 22 Committee?

JR: Well, I’m not sure whether they vote in 1922 elections, which is the point you were asserting, and we’ll have to see whether that’s true or not.  But my view is that it’s actually rather a good idea of David Cameron’s that Ministers and backbenchers should work together in open sessions of the 1922.