Peter Hoskin

Jostling for prominence

Jostling for prominence
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David Miliband has been a busy media figure recently. After his quasi-manifesto in the Times, he's now penned an article for the News of the World. In it, he echoes Ed Balls' recent call for party unity:

“We know what will ensure defeat. First if we try to do too many things and don't do enough of them well. Second, if we don't follow through the things we have started. Third, if we worry too much about our opponents. Fourth, if we argue among ourselves, failing to defend each other and our leader. Fifth, if we water down our core convictions. Gordon Brown has strong values and convictions. The route to victory needs us to do more.”

The problem for Labour is that Balls' and Miliband's articles could actually foster more divide. When the great Brownite and Blairite hopes are jostling for prominence in the comment pages, it reeks of political manoeuvring. Will party members see this as the prelude to a leadership contest?