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Just in case you missed them

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It’s been a busy weekend at Spectator Live. We have the complete video footage of the leaders’ debate and you can read Will Straw analysis on the event here. Also, we’re conducting a readers’ poll: do you think that the Lib Dems will finish second?

And here are some articles from the rest of the site:

Fraser Nelson says that Cameron should tell us about his policy agenda, and explains how Charlie Whelan & Co exploit Britain’s libel laws.

James Forsyth sees Gordon Brown’s mindset on full display, and argues that David Cameron needs to go big on the Big Society.

Peter Hoskin responds to the Lib Dem surge, and watches Mandelson get the boot in early.

David Blackburn notes that there is one insurmountable dividing line between Labour and the Lib Dems.

Martin Bright wonders if it’s time for a National Government.

And Alex Massie observes the enthusiasm gap.