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Kate Hoey’s explanation is, well, whooey

Kate Hoey's explanation is, well, whooey
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Rosa Prince, who is owning this whole (non) endorsement story, has spoken to Kate Hoey about what happened and it seems she genuinely is sick. But the rest of Hoey’s explanation is hard to credit:

"Boris told me last week he was visiting the ballet school - it's a great project so I said I would try to go along, like I would for any politician who wished to see a project in my constituency.

"It never occurred to me people would consider it an endorsement.

"It really p***es me off that I am being asked if I am staying on as a Labour MP - it's stupid, stupid, stupid." Now, come on Kate! Turning up to a campaign appearance with the Tory candidate for Mayor ten days before polling day is rather different from joining any old MP on a fact finding visit to a project in your constituency. While if Hoey really didn’t think that people would see it as an endorsement then she is incredibly, politically naïve for someone who has been an MP since 1989.

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