Kay Burley’s Abbott obsession

Kay Burley's Abbott obsession
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Robert Buckland was touring the Westminster studios this morning, batting away questions over the Internal Market Bill and touting his new sentencing white paper. What he probably wasn't expecting was yet another flurry of questions about a story that's now more than two weeks old. 

Cue Kay Burley and her seemingly never-ending obsession with Tony Abbott, the former Aussie PM turned British trade negotiator. Burley kicked off her cross-examination by saying 'obviously the Abbott question is coming' – although it isn't quite obvious to Mr S why the Sky anchor is still ruminating over confected furore. 

In fact, Burley was so pleased with her skewering of Buckland that she tweeted out a clip in which she compared the antipodean official to the fictional mass-murderer Sweeney Todd – only to delete it several minutes later. Obviously...

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