Douglas Murray

Keep up the good work, Simon Hughes

Keep up the good work, Simon Hughes
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As a rider to my earlier blog I wish to put in the following as evidence.

It became plain to me some years ago that people who have absolutely no political point tend to revert disproportionately to grandiose claims regarding their opponents (both real and imaginary). It gives them a passing sensation of importance which helps them through their daily routine of futility. For a brief moment they feel there might be a point to it all – and themselves.

We recently saw Nick Clegg seek to conceal his extreme want of meaning by branding those who disagree with him as ‘bigots’. Thus Nick transforms himself in his own eyes from a man with no point at all to a man of meaning – fighting against ‘bigots’ everywhere, or at least somewhere. In a similar vein, a few years back I watched him speak for an hour about his opposition to the Nazi party of Germany for their behaviour in the 1930s and ‘40s.

And today we have Simon Hughes. Like many other people he currently finds some meaning, and an economic policy of sorts, in attacking ‘bankers’ as a class. But now he has added the most tried and tested fuel of all. For he has told the Liberal Democrat conference today that bankers are not only the stealers of other peoples’ money, but ‘RACISTS’.

That’s it. Keep fighting Simon. Soon you will find that the racist bankers are actually Nazis. They dress in Nazi uniforms in their spare time. Only you can save us from them, Simon. That’s the point of all this. We need you.