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Keeping shtum

Keeping shtum
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Iain Martin's article for the Telegraph today is well worth a read. In it he's praiseful of Project Cameron, but throws in a substantial caveat – that the Tories aren't saying much on the economy. The silence on matters fiscal was typified by Cameron's performance in PMQs yesterday. Brown accused him then of not having answers for “the problems of this country”. But – says Martin – top Tories suggest instead that it's all part of the grand plan:

“A member of the shadow cabinet denies that he and his colleagues simply do not have a clue about what to do: 'The economy is going to turn into a fight between the people and the Government; there is no point us getting in the middle.'”

There are signs that the public are ever-so-slowly turning against Brown and Darling on the economy. But – surely – effective opposition should never be about just sitting back and watching things happen?