Keir Starmer’s shifting schools policy

Keir Starmer's shifting schools policy
Keir Starmer (Photo: Sky)
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It shouldn’t have been a difficult task to hold the government to account today on schools and lockdown, as the Prime Minister currently weighs up shuttering the school gates till Covid cases decline.

Labour leader Keir Starmer though seems to have managed to develop an even more confused policy today. This morning, Labour suggested that schools should remain open even if the country went into lockdown. This was followed by a hasty U-Turn this afternoon, with the party then calling for schools to be closed. After such a big change, Mr S had presumed that Labour would at least have a basic grasp of their new policy. Unfortunately though, in an interview with Sky News announcing the abrupt change, Starmer was unable to answer the rather basic question of when schools should actually shut. The Labour leader was instead stuck parroting the strange line that school closures would have to be ‘part of a national restrictions’.

Watch here:

After all this time composing ‘forensic’ questions, it appears the Labour leader rather struggles with answering simple questions…

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