Ken: Corbyn is the man to tackle Britain’s anti-Semitism problem

Ken: Corbyn is the man to tackle Britain's anti-Semitism problem
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Labour has been embroiled in a summer long row about anti-Semitism, with no sign that the issue will be resolved any time soon. Yet according to Ken Livingstone, there is only one man for the job of tackling anti-Semitism across Britain: Jeremy Corbyn. In an interview on Sky News – in which Ken, once again, talked about Hitler – the former mayor of London had this to say:

‘I’d be prepared to bet you now 100 quid that once we get a Jeremy Corbyn government, by the end of that government, anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia will all have declined quite significantly.’

If Corbyn's attempts to resolve the anti-Semitism debate in his own party is anything to go on, Mr S isn't convinced...